The Silver Mountain Health Energy Medicine Clinic is located at:  
1340 SW Bertha Boulevard, Suite 102, Portland, OR, 97219.

Parking:  On-site free parking in front of the building and overflow parking in the lower lot (accessible via SW Custer Drive).


Tuesday through Friday  9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Call / Text to schedule an appointment:  503-662-2039  

Or fill in and submit the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.


Appointment Prices* and Approximate Length of Appointment

New Patient Energy Balancing Treatment –               $179    90 minutes

New Patient / Initial Herbal Consultation –                 $97      45 minutes

Follow up appointments:

Energy Balancing Treatment (age 3 years and up) – $97      45 minutes

Energy Balancing for Infants (age 0 – 2 years) –         $67      30 minutes

Herbal Consultation Only (any age) –                               $67      30 minutes

Gift Certificates:  Available for Holidays, Birthdays, or Any Occasion.  Give the Gift of Health!



In-person appointments: Cash, Check and Major Credit Cards are accepted for payment at the time of service.

*Remote appointments: Major Credit Cards are accepted for payment at the time of service,
and a small manual credit card surcharge is added to the prices above.

Contact Form

4 thoughts on “Contact

    • Thank you for your question and curiosity. Tape by itself or tape with a seed under it can stimulate energy points on the body. The body has over 400 energy points, each with a specific function or message for the body. Placing tape on energy points activates the point and keeps sending the messages to the body. This allows the energy balancing treatment to last longer and the beneficial healing effects to continue long after the patient has left the office. The ears are one of three body locations where I regularly place tape on patients.


      • The Ear Energy point I put on all patients is located in the upper half of the triangular fossa of the ear. This point is a relaxation point and has other significant energy properties as well, which I explain to each patient in their appointment (but it too lengthy to write here). I will make a post about this ear point on my Blog, so click on that tab to learn more. Thank you for your questions. And consider coming in for an appointment because I teach my patients about energy medicine during the treatments, or come to one of the free classes I offer (see the Events tab).


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