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Gentle, non-invasive healing for body, mind, and spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Energy Balancing good for?

Energy Balancing, a form of Energy Medicine, can help heal any problem or illness the body can produce.  And I have  personal interest and experience in using it to treat difficult physical issues as well as advanced energy transformation issues like:

                    Physical Issues                                                        Energy Transformation Issues

  • Autoimmune disorders                                           Hyper-sensitivity issues
  • Chronic illnesses or pain                                        Feeling ungrounded
  • Complicated cases                                                     Inability to move forward in life
  • Pediatrics (simple or complex)                           Not feeling like yourself

How does Energy affect Health?

Through my four years of studying Chinese Medicine, a key Eastern philosophy became clear – Energy comes before Matter.  So a symptom, illness, or problem will appear energetically in the body before it manifests physically.  What does this mean?      To be healthy energy must flow freely through the body.  If energy gets blocked, stuck, or imbalanced then eventually the body’s matter – its physical structures, will be affected.  In ancient times, physicians who could treat a patient’s energy before physical symptoms appeared were considered ‘Superior’ and more skilled than those physicians who could only treat symptoms after they appeared physically.

Through my previous study of engineering and physics (I am also a Mechanical Engineer) I was already familiar with a Western relationship between matter and energy from Einstein’s famous equation:  E = mc2.  This equation states that Energy (E) is equal to Matter (m) if matter is multiplied by a very large scientific constant (c squared).  Or, in other words, Energy can be turned into Matter.  Einstein explained mathematically what ancient cultures have known and been using for healing for centuries.

“The cell is a machine driven by energy. It can thus be approached by studying matter, or studying energy.”                                     – Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

What is Energy? 

The human body is made up of physical matter – things like muscles, organs, bones, cells, etc. Western medicine mainly focuses on assessing and fixing the body’s physical matter.  While Eastern medicine focuses on assessing and fixing the body’s energy.  Energy systems in the body are called chakras, acupuncture channels, biorhythms, etc.  These forms of energy are often grouped together and called ‘subtle energies’.  In modern times (after 1950) most Eastern medicine energy based healthcare systems have also added Western matter based methods.  Treating the body’s matter and energy at the same time creates a very wholistic approach to health.  However, in the USA, the only Eastern energy medicine making major in roads into our healthcare system is Acupuncture.

What does Energy feel like?

If you have participated in Yoga, Meditation, Tai Qi, Massage, or Acupuncture you have moved your body’s subtle energies.  And during these activities you may have felt a unique sensation that some people describe as a buzzing or a vibration.  Just like the name states the feeling of energy is ‘subtle’ and therefore hard to describe.  But it is possible to learn how to feel energy and work with it.  During a treatment I will try to help you recognize your own subtle energy.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”                                   – Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

How can Energy Balancing help You?

Help you get healthy – Energy Balancing can help heal any problem or illness the body can produce;  pain anywhere in the body, anxiety, muscle stiffness, recovering from a car accident, and digestive issues are just a few examples.  If you have physical, emotional, or even spiritual issues that you have tried to resolve with Western (physical) medicine or therapy, but you are unsatisfied with the results – then a problem with your body’s energy may be the root cause. Energy Balancing treats the body’s energy systems by gently removing any energy blockages, restoring the flow of energy, and balancing the energy flow across the body.  Once you are energetically balanced the body, mind, and spirit will be more integrated and as a result you will feel better and your body will heal better.

Help you stay healthy – Since energy comes before matter if you keep your body’s energy systems healthy (ie. balanced and flowing freely) then you should also be able to stay more balanced and healthy – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Energy Balancing seeks to remove energy issues before they manifest into physical issues – keeping you healthy.

Note:  Energy Balancing is fully compatible with all other forms of healing.  So it is recommended that you continue all your current therapies and add Energy Balancing as well.

How is Energy Balancing different from Acupuncture?

Energy Balancing is more comprehensive than acupuncture and less invasive (no needles!). 

Acupuncture seeks to remove blockages and create balance in energy lines in your body called Channels or Meridians.  This is an excellent system of healing – but it works on only one of the subtle energies in your body.

Main Subtle Energy Systems in the Body:

Energy lines on the body known as Channels or Meridians

Energy circles on the body known as Chakras

Energy layers around the body known as the Aura

Energy rhythms of the body referred to as Biorhythms

Energy Balancing works with all of these Subtle Energy Systems in the body.  If Acupuncture didn’t work for you, maybe your issue was not in the energy lines in your body – but in one of these other energy areas of your body.

Also, if the thought of Acupuncture needles keeps you from trying Acupuncture then Energy Balancing is for you – no needles are used.