What To Expect

Your Input is Important – You are Important – You are in Charge

In the world of energy everything is a clue to help heal you.  All your symptoms, feelings, thoughts, and life events are clues to understand why you are not feeling optimally balanced and healthy.  The more you can share with me, the more effective the treatment will be.

How you feel about the entire treatment experience is just as important as the actual treatment you receive.  It is my wish to create a positive, relaxing, and even fun treatment session.  Please let me know how to better accomplish this for you at any time.

You are the one that knows the most about your body – you’ve had it your whole life!  If at any time during your appointment you would like the treatment to pause, slow down, or stop please say so immediately.  You are in charge.

APPOINTMENTS FOR ADULTS – there are four key parts to an appointment:

Please fill out and turn in the New Patient Form at least 3 days before your appointment.
This will help me to fully understand all the areas you might like help with – whether that is physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, etc.  Then I can develop a general treatment plan in advance of the appointment and fine tune it when we are in person – giving you a better and more customized treatment.

Your custom Energy Balancing treatment is based on your feedback combined with my energy training and intuitive skills:
a)  For the energy balancing treatment please take off your shoes, remain fully clothed, and lay down or sit on the treatment table.
b)  After a brief introduction to the techniques I will apply small pieces of medical tape to a few key energy spots on the body.  Then I will activate other energy points with gentle pressure (less than the weight of a quarter coin).  Gentle pressure on key energy points is the main method I use to remove energy blockages and get your energy systems free flowing again.
c)  I find it most helpful if the session is interactive, so let me know if you feel any changes at any point.  What might you feel?  A heat or cold sensation, tingling, an itch, less pain in a painful area, or perhaps a picture or image might appear in your imagination.  Whatever the change is, it can help inform and guide the treatment as we go.

I like to explain what is going on energetically during the treatment, this will give you a better understanding of your body and its energies.  Please ask questions at any time during the treatment.

We will end with a short discussion of next steps based on how your body’s energies have changed through the treatment.



Children are much more energetic than adults and so their energy systems change quicker.
A child’s appointment will follow the same general steps listed above for adults, but the total treatment time will be less.

For the Education part of the appointment, I offer to teach the adult(s) these helpful Qi Gong techniques to use with their children.:

1. Night Time Qi Gong Brushing

I developed this 1 minute Qi Gong routine to help children at bed time.  I use this simple technique with my kids to help them calm down, go to sleep faster, and sleep better.

2. Healthy Qi Gong Brushing

This technique is adapted from a Japanese Pediatric Non-needle therapy.  This technique takes about 1 minute to perform and can help children recover from illnesses more quickly or avoid an illness all together.  I have used this Qi Gong technique with my own children since 2014 with excellent results.