How It Works

Energy Medicine is Physics in Action!

By Amy Buckley

High Energy Particle Physics is defined as ‘the study of matter, energy, and their interactions’. Where energy and matter are interacting is the place where all forms of Energy Medicine works. While Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda (from India) and other Energy Medicine modalities are not taught from this perspective, it became obvious to me as I studied Chinese Medicine. Through my previous studies of engineering and physics, I am also a Mechanical Engineer, I was already familiar with a Western relationship between matter and energy from Einstein’s famous equation: E = mc2.  

This equation states that Energy (E) is equal to Matter (m) if matter is multiplied by a very large scientific constant (c squared).  Or, in other words, Energy can be turned into Matter.  Einstein explained mathematically what ancient cultures have known and been using for healing for centuries.

In ancient times, physicians who could treat a patient’s energy before physical symptoms appeared were considered ‘Superior Physicians’ and more skilled than those physicians who could only treat symptoms after they appeared physically. Why? Because ancient cultures understood that energy issues preceded physical issues. That is to say a symptom, illness, or problem will appear in the energy of the body before it appears physically in the body.

What does this mean? To be healthy energy must flow freely through the body. If energy gets blocked, stuck, or imbalanced then eventually the body’s matter — its physical structures, will be affected. Eventually someone with energy issues will get physical issues and symptoms. The energy issues are the root cause of all internally derived physical issues. Every ache, pain, and abnormal growth have an energy issue at their origin. Every hormonal, psychological, emotional, and personality problem can be traced back to the part or parts of the energy systems that are causing it. But in the United States, in general, we don’t know about our energy systems.

So how long does an energy problem exist before it becomes a physical problem? In my experience, some people can feel energy issues as aches or pains almost immediately. But the majority of people are not that sensitive and will not feel minor aches and pains until they become constant and annoying. By that time an energy problem has probably existed for at least three years in the person’s body. And in cases of a more severe physical issue, like a tumor, the energy problems contributing to it have probably existed for at least 10 years.

This is when an integrated approach to physical issues is best – using physical medicine and energy medicine at that same time. If the energy issue has existed for decades then it is going to take over a year to resolve it using energy medicine. And if the physical manifestation of that problem is at such a severe point where MDs are advising immediate surgery or major medicines then there isn’t time to rely on energy medicine alone for the healing needed.

However, if the issues are not at that emergency point but are just at the annoying stage then energy medicine has time to help. Also if symptoms don’t fit into a Western medicine ‘diagnosis’ or the solution already given isn’t working (usually chemical medicine) then energy medicine is the perfect step to try next. And, of course, if someone just started to notice a problem then seeking out energy medicine right away is the best thing to do. In this case, there is a high probability that energy medicine can heal the problem entirely.

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