“Over the past 11 years I’ve been to any number of doctors and healers to try to remedy an ailment that’s baffled the best of them. Amy’s treatments, though unconventional, are some of the only ones that have consistently helped, and I feel like I’m getting my life back.”  

– Alex, read the full Google Review.

“Amy possesses extraordinary abilities to assess, diagnose and treat physical and emotional imbalances. It took me far too long to find out about Amy and the astonishing curative information to which she has access. Amy changed my life, and not only am I endlessly grateful, I am honored to count her among my friends and as one of the most extraordinary people I have had the pleasure to know.”

                                 – Astan B., for help with chronic pain, read the full Google Review.

Thank you for all you’re doing to help me. For the first time in many years I’m starting to remember what it was like to feel like myself. There is a lot of gratitude and appreciation and relief. “

                                 – Rhea, O., for help with chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

    “Amy brings a profound sensitivity, intuition, rigorous study and a deft skill to health and wellness.  She brings to bear her deep knowledge of Chinese medicine practices with outstanding quality of life results.
    She has me personally engaged in my health.  Her treatments have greatly improved my physical wellness, as well as providing me with an emotional lightness that has me enjoying each moment of my day.
    Her professional manner and personal attention is greatly appreciated.”

– D.S., for help with digestive issues.

fullsizeoutput_a5e6“Dear Mrs. Buckley of Silver Mountain Health Care,
Thank you so much for helping me getting out of viruses and sicknesses.”
– From: Alex, for help with ear aches and the flu.

“What you are doing for me is having a PROFOUND effect on me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Thank you so much.”

– S. G. , for help with neck pain and mental-emotional issues.

Clinical Treatment Examples 

Chronic Illness Example:  Rash

This person had a full body rash with raised red spots that would bleed.  They had the rash for 10 years and had tried over 15 different practitioners including: MDs, NDs, Oncologists, Dermatologists, Allergist, Gastroenterologist, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and a Hypnotist.  None of them worked.

Silver Mountain Health Treatment:  8 treatment sessions involving Energy Balancing, Energy Protections, and Herbal Formulas were used to gently and effectively resolve the rash.  ‘Maintenance’ appointments have been used to stay in energy balance and the person has been rash free for over a year.  

Results:  Within 11 weeks of coming to Silver Mountain Health the rash was gone.
The person’s Oncologist called the turn around, “a miracle”.

Chronic Pain Example: 
 Diabetic Neuropathy (numbness/pain in the limbs)

This person has had pain and numbness in their legs and feet for over 17 years.  They were doing all the right physical medicine recommendations to help themselves – weight loss, exercise, diet restrictions, daily insulin.  And still they had shooting pains in their feet, problems walking because of the lack of feeling in their feet, and inability to walk more than 3 blocks due to immediate pain and then worse pain the next day.

Silver Mountain Health Treatment: We began twice per week Energy Balancing Treatments, along with Herbal Formulas, and within 2 and a half weeks they had more feeling in their feet and less pain walking.  

Results:  Within 6 weeks of coming to Silver Mountain Health they walked 1.5 miles up and down hills with no pain that day or the day after. The shooting pains are gone. Leg numbness was 3/4 of the way up the lower legs and is now reduced to only the feet.  Treatments and improvements are continuing.

One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Silver Mountain health provides quality healing that transforms your life and journey. With your greatest good in mind, and in heart, Amy and Silver Mountain Health apply energy healing that develops and supports a healthy, transformative life. The experience is absolutely amazing!


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