Clinical Case Examples

While every case is unique, these examples illustrate how energy medicine can help the body heal long standing or difficult physical issues.

Chronic Illness Example:  Rash

This person had a full body rash with raised red spots that would bleed.  They had the rash for 10 years and had tried over 15 different practitioners including:

  • MDs (Medical Doctors)
  • NDs (Naturopathic Doctors)
  • Oncologists (Cancer Specialists)
  • Dermatologists
  • An Allergy Specialist
  • A Gastroenterologist
  • Chiropractors
  • An Acupuncturist
  • A Herbalist
  • A Hypnotist 

None of their treatments worked.

Silver Mountain Health Treatment:  8 treatment sessions involving Energy Balancing and Energy Protections, along with Chinese Herbal Formulas, were used to gently and effectively resolve the rash.  ‘Maintenance’ appointments have been used to stay in energy balance and the person has been rash free for over a year.  

Results:  Within 11 weeks of coming to Silver Mountain Health the rash was gone.
The person’s Oncologist called the turn around, “a miracle”.

Chronic Pain Example:  Diabetic Neuropathy (numbness/pain in the limbs)

This person has had pain and numbness in their legs and feet for over 17 years.  They were doing all the right physical medicine recommendations to help themselves – weight loss, exercise, diet restrictions, daily insulin.  And still they had shooting pains in their feet, problems walking because of the lack of feeling in their feet, and inability to walk more than three blocks due to immediate pain and then worse pain the next day.

Silver Mountain Health Treatment: We began twice per week Energy Balancing Treatments, along with Chinese Herbal Formulas, and within 3 weeks they had more feeling in their feet and less pain walking.  

Results:  Within 6 weeks of coming to Silver Mountain Health they walked 1.5 miles up and down hills with no pain that day or the day after. The shooting pains are gone. Leg numbness was 3/4 of the way up the lower legs and is now reduced to only the feet.  Treatments and improvements are continuing.

Chronic Illness Example:  
Auto-Immune Disease

This child’s blood test showed positive results for auto-immune disease markers. The child was also experiencing stomach aches, headaches and other pains on a daily basis. The MD auto-immune specialist recommended monitoring of the situation, there is no treatment for it.

Silver Mountain Health Treatment: Energy Balancing Treatments, Pediatric Herbal Formulas, and other supplements were used to heal the perceived energy root causes of the auto-immune disease markers.

Results:  Within 12 months the child’s blood tests returned all normal results – no auto-immune disease indications. The child also reported, “Nothing hurts anymore!”