Naturopathic Medical Doctor – NMD – This term logically fits for US or Canadian Medical students graduating from Medical School at one of the 6 accredited Naturopathic Medical Schools in North America (1 more school is in the process of accreditation).  When students graduate from these four year schools they have the same education and training as a Family Physician (MD) with additional training/education on multiple naturopathic modalities.  The graduates can then take State Board Exams to get licenses in states that license ND's or NMD's. If a state does not license ND/NMDs then the person is limited in what they can do for patients but they can immediately go into practice.   CNME (the board that the US Dept. of Education recognizes to accredit Naturopathic Medical Schools) explains that anyone graduating with a 'Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine' degree can call themselves an "NMD".  However, only the state of AZ currently confers a medical license termed "NMD".

WARNING:  If a state does not license ND/NMDs then any one can legally call themselves a Naturopathic Doctor (ND or NMD) no matter what training they have or lack there of!! There are lots of ND degrees for sale – patient beware! 

For more links and information on accreditation, one of the accredited schools, SCNM, has a great summary page.