AmyRedjkt150px                AMY M. BUCKLEY 


 PERSONALITY TYPE:  While no one measure can sum up a persons entire personality, this list will allow comparisons for those that have taken the tests. 

General Description –  I love diving into a topic and researching it to the point that I know the information well enough to summarize it in a logical manner and teach it to the next person. 

AnalyticalMerrill-Reid Types; Analytical with lots of Driver, some Expressive, and a little Amiable; self-assessment 2010.

Individualization, Learner, Achiever, Relator, InputStrengths Finder 2.0 Test; taken in 2009, my Top 5 Strengths are described in this note from the company.

ENTJMyers-Briggs TypeR Test; Extrovert, Intuition, Thinking, Judging; taken at work in approximately 1996.


General Description – I also love diving into other cultures whether across the US or around the World.  I moved around the USA (including Hawaii) every 1.5 years from age 3 – 18yrs due to my father’s work.  Then I went backpacking across Europe by myself after college.  I lived in many US locations and traveled internationally through my work.  And most recently (2001) my husband and I took a year off from corporate America to travel extensively through 3 countries.  As soon as our 3 kids are a bit more travel-friendly we’ll be off around the world again; for now, the USA will do.

Traveling – Western Europe (France, Spain, England, Italy, etc.), Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, etc.), Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark), Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga.

Language – I was once fluent in Spanish, probably could be again.  I know lots of words in other languages so I could get along in my travels (including American Sign Language).  And I’ve had the excellent experience of traveling to other countries where no one spoke English.

Hobbies – Sports, Photography, Wood-working.


Portland Community College – Portland, OR; 2010 – Current;  Pre-requisites required for entrance to the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM), target start date September 2012.

Marquette University – Milwaukee, WI; 2001 – 2003; Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI; 1989 – 1994; Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (BSEME).


GE Medical Systems, GE Lighting, GE Motors, GE Appliances – 1994 – 2005; Global Supply Chain Manger, Global Product Manager, Production Manager, Quality Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt, etc.  Worked with products such as: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment (MRI), Advantage Windows Workstations (AW) which incorporates CT, PET, MRI, & Nuclear images, Fluorescent Lightbulbs, Large and Small Motors, and Refrigerators.  Responsibilities included; running a $250MM Global Supply Chain, managing over 120 employees on 3 shifts, saving over $1MM through Six Sigma Projects, etc.

Dow Chemical Company, Co-op, 1992 – 1994.  Commercial Plastic, STYROFOAMTM Production, and ZiplocTM Bag production.  Work semesters interspersed with school semesters while obtaining engineering degree.