EUREKA!….Chemistry textbook helps solve 3years of illness…

After 3 years, 2 months, and 10 days – I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with me – Low Cortisol levels!  It covers every symptom I have left AND most of the symptoms over the three years:  Dizziness, fatigue, intestinal dysbiosis, heart palpitations, low blood pressure, bad body temperature regulation,  intermitten muscle weakness, environmental sensitivities, thirst, blood sugar regulation problems, circulation problems, etc.

Essentially I had a complete adrenal exhaustion after the birth of my third child (adrenal gland produces cortisol).  Apparently, I've been nursing myself back to health via "alternative" medicine the entire time.  I am so Happy right now, there are not enough words to express it.

How did you figure it out?  You have asked yourself already . . . well, it's a fun story really . . . I know I need to update the 'My Story' section of the blog, but to cut to the chase, I'm currently in Oregon attending a community college to take the pre-requisite classes I need to apply to NCNM.  (Yes, we moved our whole family here after visiting the two schools in May 2010, see post "NCNM vs Bastyr…").  

This quarter I'm taking Chemistry 222.  We started with Chapter 3 and on the second day of class (January 4th, 2011) the instructor decided to work through a problem from the book.  And here is the quote:  Problem 3.44, Chemistry by M. Silberberg,  "Cortisol….It's profound effect on the reduction of inflammation explains its use in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis".   And that was it.  Thank you Mr. Silberberg for adding this unnecessary sentence to problem 3.44 (it adds nothing to getting the answer to the problem) and thank you Mr. Hogle for going over problem 3.44, even though you didn't assign it for homework, and didn't review any book problems the entire previous quarter!

I had been getting this swelling in my head the last few weeks about 6pm, I kept thinking it was yeast or other microbes gathering there.  When I read Problem 3.44 I knew different; my cortisol was too low to keep the inflammation down!  At that moment, the page with problem 3.44 turned into a jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces began to fall from the sky and take shape on those words.  (Not literally but that's what it felt like for sure).  I walked home in a half-giddy daze and started Googling cortisol – there is a ton of information on it since body builders have to control and monitor it in order to build muscle.  Vitamins that were helping me – Vitamin C in particular, help control cortisol levels!  More research revealed all my symptoms!

I was blown away.  I talked to my husband about it as soon as I could once again form words.  He helped me to see how I was so wrapped around the idea of pathogens recurring and growing in my body that I was missing the real cause!  (And some how so did all the people helping me over the last 3 years, more on that later).

I have to also give credit where credit is due – a Flower Essence is also responsible for my break through.  Specifically, Najma Flower/Energy Essences.  This fact is also integral to the Eureka moment and it's timing…

I had been taking two of their flower essences over the December break.  The first one is called 'Unveiling' Essence and is described to do the following; "This Essence is particularly indicated to bring unconscious material manifesting as sickness closer to the surface."  Once something comes to the surface you can stop taking Unveiling and take 'Perspective' Essence to understand or make sense of what is coming up.  Perspective will ". . . clarify your 'life-vision', and help you to see your way through".  I was so impressed with how Perspective helped me get out of my anxiety attacks and help me with a new attitude about taking tests that I decided to give Unveiling a try.

I had been taking the Unveiling for four days when class started for Winter quarter.  The Chemistry problem was just the spark for my memory, the flower essence deserves most of the credit.  

I had been contributing to my own sickness, and preventing my recovery, by being stuck on the idea of micro-organisms!  Now what?  

Luckily, my Dr. appointment was only a few days away.  I told my ND and she recommended some books on Adrenal Fatigue.  (From Fatigued to Fantastic is especially accessible; The Cortisol Connection is great too).  I devoured them over the weekend, decided to try some of the vitamins, adaptogenic herbs, amino acids, and glandulars the books recommended (I was already following the diet, sleep, exercise, and food recommendations).  I ordered them, shipped them expedited, and 2 days later started taking the whole bunch.  I took the first batch in the evening and the next morning I already felt better!    No kidding.      

Of course there was a lot more to my story, but that's the short version.

Now I'm trying to decide who to see next.  Now that I KNOW what's wrong I want to go to an ND that specializes in Endocrinology.  In Wisconsin I had virtually no choices for natural doctors.  Now, in Oregon I have over 350 ND's to choose from!  Stay tuned for more health adventures . . .

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  1. Hi, I am so happy to have found your blog. I’m thinking of going to NCNM. I have gotten into learning about cortisol too. I had huge issues after I had my daughter (and so did she). One thing I found very interesting and helpful is that cortisol increases copper and copper/zinc imbalance is a big player in modern illness. It does many things, but it throws off your immune system (from TH1 to TH2 response) and makes it very difficult to control chronic infection.

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