NCNM Study Abroad

NCNM offers trips and study opportunities abroad.  China, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda are just a few countries that have recurring trips.  Here is a link to the African countries information:  NCNM website

Here is an example of a study abroad class, the class currently counts for credit in the NCNM ND, MSiMR, and MSOM degrees.

NCNM Tanzania Trip Description (Tentative – subject to change a little)

Week 1 (July 7-11) – Portland. Reading, videos, discussion.
Students will spend 9 a.m. to noon each day with Dr. Zwickey preparing for the trip. There will be readings, videos, and discussion about international public health, tropical diseases, and cultural topics relevant to Tanzania. Students will start their projects which will be presented the last week of the trip.
July 12 – Fly to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
All students will fly to Tanzania on the 12th of July. Students may fly whatever airline they choose. However, because we will need to pick them up in Dar Es Salaam, it’s important that everyone arrive on the 13th.
July 13-15 Orientation; Basic Swahili; Jet-lag recovery
Students will arrive on the 13th or 14th (often flights land at 2 a.m. the next day). We’ll stay at Kigamboni, on the beach. Student will have the opportunity to sleep, swim, and will complete some local orientation.
July 16-17 Muhimbili University Institute for Traditional Medicine and CDC
Muhimbili University has an Institute for Traditional Medicine, where they study some of the 10,000+ plants that grow in Tanzania, analyzing them for activity against HIV, cancer, and malaria. We’ll tour their facility and talk to some of the scientists who work at Muhimbili. We’ll also spend some time talking to a public health expert from the CDC who works in Tanzania.
July 17 Fly to Moshi/Arusha
July 18-19 Orientation to Moshi, Mowo, Arusha
Located at the base of Kilimanjaro, this area is where we have relationships with researchers and some smaller villages. All students will visit Mowo, a village outside of Moshi.
July 20-22 Off (Ngorogoro Crater (optional safari) /Massai Village (optional village stay)
A popular safari takes place in Ngorogoro crater. Students will have the option to go to Karatu, and complete the Ngorogoro safari. Additionally, an herbalist who has lived with the Massai will provide herbal medicine history, and arrange a village stay with Massai villagers.
July 23-27 Activities in Moshi, Mowo, Arusha (optional village stay)
Students will alternate between 3 activities, a clinic day in Mowo village, visiting the herbal medicine research center on Mt. Meru, outside of Arusha, and completing public health activities.
July 28 Drive to Lushoto / Hike
July 29 Free day (or hike to waterfalls)
July 30 Drive to Tanga
Tanga is a coastal city that is primarily Muslim.
July 31-August 2 Tanga (Mama-Baby Clinic; Bombo Hospital; Bongo)
Students will alternate between three activities, including visiting a Tanzanian hospital, spending time with a traditional Tanzanian herbalist, and helping with a Mama-Baby clinic. Students will also deliver public health lectures at a local elementary school.
August 3 Boat to Zanzibar
August 4 Off
August 5-7 Stonetown; Spice Farm; Wrap up classes; Presentations
August 8 Leave
Course information will be distributed and discussed at breakfasts and dinners. Daily reflections will occur with faculty during drives to various locations.
After August 8th, students are welcome to fly back to the US, or to stay in Tanzania to travel and explore. Students may also want to spend time in other parts of the world on their way back to the US. Note that the last night of paid housing is August 7th.