Stop Smoking Point

Know any one that wants to stop smoking but can’t?  Consider telling them about this ear point commonly used to stop or seriously reduce the body’s addiction to cigarettes (chewing tobacco, pipe smoking, cigars, etc.).

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Buy a sweet red pepper at the grocery store, cut out the seeds, dry them on the counter and they are ready to use.  Wear one seed on each ear at the yellow dot location 24/7.  The seed provides pressure on the acupuncture point and activates the point.  This is a more subtle way to activate the point than having an acupuncturist put a needle there, so it could take up to 6 hours before you notice an effect.  If it does not work for your body then I would suggest going to a Chinese Medicine Practitioner or Acupuncturist for more insight on your specific situation.  Every body is different and no treatment works on 100% of people, 100% of the time.  If the seed(s) are aggravating to you or you feel they produce an unwanted effect (for example nausea or dizziness) simply remove them and throw them away.  Your body should recover from having the seed on within 10 minutes.

If you are taking any prescription drugs or have any health issues talk to your doctor/healthcare provider about this idea and before trying to activate this energy point on the body.

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