First Week at NCNM

The first week at NCNM felt like being

Low light attempt to capture the drumming circle with my iPhone.

in the dryer with a bunch of clothes….it’s a swirl of new people, your own positive and negative emotions, biochemistry equations, body parts and names, research tools and talk, new classroom environments, new computer systems, to take an elective or not?, a new commute, different schedule everyday, to buy books or not?, etc., etc.

It is at once daunting, exhilarating, fun, and scary.

It is also clear that you are not alone and the administrators, upperclassmen, fellow classmates, professors are here to help you – you just need to ask. And it is emphasized that one of the best tools a doctor can possess is the ability to ask for help.

The first class of our entire school career started with a Drumming circle. As all (approximately) 90 us waited for the Biochemistry professor 3 drummers started a beat in the hallway. They entered the room and were followed by 100 clapping upperclassmen, teachers, administrators, and counselors. It was an awesome upbeat tempo that quickly got all the new students clapping as well. Once the drumlin line and people had completely surround the tables we were sitting at there was a brief Welcome introduction. Then the drummers and clappers filed out of the room clapping and drumming the entire way. It was so uplifting, welcoming, and ‘yang’!

Other professors started their classes with: meeting for a moment of silence in ‘the heart space’, singing and dancing, a small speech about this journey we were embarking on, and, yes, some even just introduced themselves and the topic of the class straight away.

Other notable first week items and quotes:
– Two back to school parties sponsored by the school
– “It’s best if you wear a sports bra and biking shorts to this class”. (Palpatation Lab)

Pre-attendance at NCNM

In two weeks class starts at the National College of Natural Medicine.  The incoming class was put onto a Google Group to receive information from the college and about each other.  For several months people have been posting introductions of themselves; their educational and personal background, area of intended study, etc.  There are about 110 people on the group.  I finally was inspired to post my introduction, but took it a completely different direction:  Educational Poetry!  (LOL and making fun of myself).  And I’ve posted it here for your review.  Hopefully it will inspire some of the blog readers to come and join us!

“Dear Future Friends,

As a form of introduction I humbly offer up and wholly dedicate these words to you:

The Beginning
There were hundreds of paths leading to this precipice on which we now stand.
From here our choices substantially narrow,
Mostly because the climb ahead is so steep.
Some of us know precisely how we got here, counting every week, month, or year.
Others woke only yesterday, surprised to find themselves in this place.
No matter,
For now we are united, both in purpose – to obtain a degree,
And in intent – to learn to heal others.
Still there are paths to choose,
Some will go it alone relying on their own ropes and knots.
Others will need a lot of support and help and will find those willing to give it.
All of us together, forming a community,
Sharing Love and Laughter,
Joy and Sorrow . . .

Becoming a family over the next several years.

Let us learn as much from each other as we will from our studies.
And heal one another so that we may meet our clients with no ego –
Only clarity of purpose and unending compassion.
Let us be not afraid during this time of transition,
For we will meet the challenges as one –
A rising tide of strength, a tribe called ‘healers’.
Overflowing with momentum and grounded in wisdom,
Our powerful journey begins with a first step;
So breathe deep,
Join the outstretched hand of another,
And let us begin . . .
                                      -NCNM Fall 2012.

Amy Buckley
NCNM Incoming Class Fall 2012″