Cholesterol Tip

Dan Richard, one of the owners of the NOW Food/Vitamin Brand, describes in his book Beating the odds, how he lowered his Total cholesterol by 89 points in 3 months by taking only 4 supplements per day (pg. 98). No other lifestyle modifications!  And his LDL dropped 82 points from 195 to 113! He tried this regime because of all the letters he was getting from customers on how well it reduced their cholesterol.  I trust his products and him, so I'll pass this along so you can discuss with your healthcare practioner if you should try it:

  1. NOW Red Yeast Rice Extract (includes Milk Thistle, ALA, and CoQ10) 2 caps/day
  2. NOW Policosanol  1/day
  3. NOW Pantethine  1/day


  • (Bad) Some people have negative reactions to Red Yeast Rice Extract (rash, etc.)
  • (Potential Problem) Red yeast rice extract acts like a natural statin (drug)
  • (Good) Your liver will improve as well due to the extras in the Extract; his liver tests of GGT, AST, ALT all improved

Where to get it:

  • NOW Brands is so inexpensive and doesn't allow large mark-ups on their products so many major chains do not carry it.
  •  New Season's Organic Grocery Store chain (only in Oregon!)
  • . . . great reviews and search feature, LOTS of products offered, good shipping prices, fair speed on order fulfillment, prices higher than
  • . . . fastest shipping, one price shipping, where I go to first with my orders

If you try it, write a comment here so we know how it worked for you – Thanks!