Banana Bread/Muffins

I just found Bob's Red Mill 100% Bean Flour at my local grocery store!  I have not been able to eat a bread-like product for over 3 years.  But I immediately adapted my Banana bread recipe and I'm in heaven!  My kids even like the results, so it must be good to a normal palate as well.  We all like the Carob addition but you can just leave it out if you don't want the chocolate-like flavor.  Give them a try – they are quick to cook – b/c nothing really needs to 'cook'.  And since there are no raw eggs, everyone can eat the batter without fear of getting sick.     The middle part of my 4" round did not get done all the way so it's very thick and rich and decadent – very heavenly.


"Chocolate" Banana Bread/Muffins                                by Amy Buckley

(No wheat, no gluten, no egg, no dairy, no corn, no rice, no soy, no potato, no chocolate, no sugar)

If using Carob and/or Coconut oil, melt them first.

I put the Carob in the applesauce and heat it and then stir it.

Note:  T = Tablespoon   t = teaspoon


1. Cream together the following in mixing bowl:

1/2 Cup Agave 

1/4 Cup Applesauce

1/4 Cup Coconut oil

 4 T Carob Powder 


 2. Add the following and mix all together until smooth:

2 Brown skinned bananas, mashed with a fork & mixed to soup consistency

2 t  Baking Soda

1 t  Vanilla

2 Cups Garbanzo and Fava Bean Flour

1.5 T Chia seeds pre-soaked in 4.5 T Water (egg substitute)

1 t  Ground Cinnamon


Grease pan w/coconut oil (even non-stick pan)

Bake @ 350 F

Makes 24 mini-muffins(pictured):  10 minutes

And one 4" round:  15 minutes

Other sizes I have not tried yet.  They 'cook' fast!