Pain Management

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The 2012 US National Health Survey reported that 60% of adults (126 million people!) experienced pain in the last 3 months. And 50 million of these people reported bothersome or severe pain. While 25 million people reported that the pain was chronic – they experience pain every day. 

Pain is a multifaceted issue involving nutritional, psychosocial, biochemical, neurological and physical components. The conventional medical model typically addresses pain in one or two of the areas listed above.  Medication being the most predominant method of treatment.  With the growing awareness of the opioid epidemic, practitioners and patients are seeking to decrease prescription drug use, and turning to alternative therapies.  

Energy Medicine is uniquely suited to address all five aspects of pain listed above.  And that’s why Energy Medicine can permanently reduce or completely eliminate pain.  Even if you have had pain for years, it can be resolved!  Don’t give up.  Read about some of the success stories we have had at Silver Mountain Health in the Testimonials Tab.  Or better yet, come in for an appointment to find out what energy medicine is all about and how it can help you.