Flower Essences

What are they?

  I was introduced to flower essences because one came up on the bioresonance machine as being the #1 item I needed to improve my health!  In short, each flower brings about different thoughts or feelings in you and can cause changes around you as well (changes in your life).  Sounds crazy if you haven't ever heard of them or tried them but they work!

  They are SUPER SUBTLE, not like drugs or medicine in any way, shape or form.  And, in my experience, they are SUPER Effective.  Also, they only give you as much as you can handle at one time, no worrying about being overwhelmed.

  This is an ancient practice of several native cultures.   Ancient wisdom reclaimed!


How are they made?

  They are made by taking a bunch of the same flower and placing them in a bowl of purified water and leaving it out in the sun to "bake" for several hours.  Then they take the water and package it with alcohol (as a preservative), usually brandy, in a bottle.

  You should be able to take them with any medications but ask your doctor for sure.  In the meantime, or alternatively, they work  just as well if you just wear the liquid around all day.  Why? Because it works on the energy level not the molecular level (which is why you should be able to take it with medicines).


How do I know which one to use?

  Several websites have guides on how to choose one.  In general, read through the descriptions and see which one seems the most true for you.  If you know someone that can do muscle testing or bioresonce for you that's the best route.  The worst that can happen is nothing.  If your body can not use the essence then nothing happens.  All aspects of the description do not have to fit for you to take the essence.


What's an example of an essence?

Brand: Living Essences of Australia   Flower:  Golden Waitsia

Description (from Healing Waters website):

The essence of re-igniting carefree feelings, to heal all aspects of anxiety linked to perfectionism. Helpful for those who worry about details, allowing the mind to become bright and inquisitive, positive in outlook, and allows the mind to free itself from the small, tight framework.  For people who are continually caught in over-attention to details—the perspective they have increases a negative and hopeless state where problems can never be solved because there is always another detail to consider.  For those caught in small details which can create low energy states, depressed states, anxious states and totally frustrated states of mind. When the person is freed from the small perspective, problems can often dissolve because it was the unnecessary focus that was making the problem in the first place.  For those needing to accept their present imperfect state of health and wellbeing while convalescing from illness or trauma, Golden Waitsia can be applied to the soles of the feet every few hours.


How do I use it?

To wear it around, you should put 20-30 drops in a very small glass, spill proof, container (perfume sample vials are good)….something that fits in your pocket with out attracting attention.  Put in a pants pocket or vest, jacket pocket – as close to your bear skin as you can get.  And then at night put it in your pillow case so that you are sleeping on it.  It's very important to sleep on it.  Lots of thoughts and feelings go through our brain while asleep and we are sleeping for 6-8hours!  In the mornig take it out of your pillow case and put it in your pocket.  Simple!  I've seen little glass containers you wear as necklaces or bracelets, that would be great too. 

  If you want to ingest it, I can tell you I've always taken 7 drops first thing in the morning and 7 drops right before going to sleep at night (prescribed to me by the bioresonance machine).  Some flower essence instructions say to take much less than that (perhaps the results will be more subtle).  Use your best judgement for your individual circumstances.  Hold the drops in your mouth, under your tongue if you can get it there, for at least 30seconds (and up to 10 minutes) before swallowing.  Results may start to happen immediately (within 24hours) or it may take several weeks.  6 weeks is a great length of time to allow it to work fully.  This will require probably 1oz. of essence.  That is why wearing it is handy too – you don't use it up and you don't have to buy any more.

  If you are taking or wearing it and don't think it is doing what it is supposed to do, stop taking it.  After a few days do you notice a difference?  With such subtle supplements it is sometimes hard to recognize their positive effects until they are gone.


Where can I get one?

  The best website I have found in the USA is:  essencesonline.com   The owner/operator Mindy calls her webstore 'Healing Waters' and stocks a vast amount of the essences she shows on the website.  If she doesn't have it she will order it right away.  I have used some of the Living Essences of Australia from  her site.

  One other type of essence I have found that works exactly as their descriptions:  najmaessences.com  The creators have many decades of healthcare experience.  The product is not sold in the USA right now so I order it from helios.co.uk .  They ship so quickly and my items arrive so fast that they seem domestic, really!  I have used 3 of these essences and they work exactly as it's described, incredible given the complexity of what they do.


Liver Gallbladder Cleanse

Last night and this morning I'm doing the Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse (I was given this file w/no author but found it was almost verbatum from Hulda Clark's book, The Cure for All Diseases, Pg. 555 – 558, I have added back a couple of items from Hulda Clark's version):  Download Liver-Gallbl Cleanse

I'm working on 'cleaning up' from my systemic yeast infection and other issues. I expected the cleanse to be a lot worse given it's description and instructions.  But I guess after eating the Candida Diet for 2 years, killing parasites for 1.5 years, exercising 3 or more times a week the whole time, doing a 3 week Kidney Cleanse only 14 days ago, and having on average three BMs a day previous to this cleanse – I suppose I might be the 'best case' scenario.  The worst case might be a person that the cleanse absolutely didn't work and he threw-up the whole concoction in the morning.  He was admittedly NOT in the 'great' shape I was previous to his cleanse.

Basically the cleanse cleans out your intestines and opens up your bile ducts via 2 doses of Epsom Salts the night before, then stimulates the bile ducts to release via the Olive Oil right before you go to sleep.  Over night lots (hopefully 100's to 1000's) of your gallstones, liver stones, and cholesterol crystals roll out of your open bile ducts into your intestines.  In the morning you clean our your intestines again with 2 more doses of Epsom Salts.

I would say I got out 100 – 150 stones and LOTS of 'Chaff' – cholesterol crystals.  Now for some further details on my experience:  The first two Epsom Salt drinks I waited for something to happen but it did not.  At 10pm I had a normal BM.  After drinking the olive oil mixture, and laying down perfectly still, I definitely felt the 'rolling marble' effect that Hulda Clark talked about.  I took 6 L-ornithine but still woke up at 2:30am to empty my very full bladder and tried to go back to sleep, felt a little nausea.  At 3am-ish I had a BM (of course mostly liquid now) and was able to sleep after that. (Note that when I've been sick 3 am seems to be when my bowels like to empty, so not making it through the night didn't surprise me).  In the morning there was no rush to go, but I went at 6am.  I drank the Epsom salts at 6am and 9:40am and followed that with the instructions of when and how to start eating.  I had another 6 visits to the bathroom between 7am and 10am.  And then another 7 BMs, from Noon to 9pm.  The next day I didn't have a BM at all – as I'm sure everything was solidifying.  And the 2nd day after the cleanse I got a few stones and some chaff with my normal BMs.  (One other note, as you may expect I was down 3 pounds the morning of the cleanse and that's got back to normal by the 4th day after the cleanse).

Now, 6 days after the cleanse, I would say my BMs are improved but it's still too early to note any other improvements . . . as with all things with your health – you just get to wait and see. 


I've recently come across several ways to deal with Migraines and wanted to share them.  Here they are in no specific order:

1. Acupuncture – helps prevent migraines as well or better than medication (per a review of 22 studies).  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

2. Biofeedback – reduces frequency of migraines (per a review of 94 studies).  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

3. Potatoes – yes, a potato. Stops/lessens the migraine. Peel and cut one in half cover it all with water in a sealed container, let sit for 3 days in the refrigerator, remove potato and water can last up to two weeks stored in the refrigerator.  Drink the water at the earliest on-set of a migraine.    Source: A professor at my adult education class and supported by a student in the class.

4. Feverfew – friend of my Mother's was already doing acupuncture but insists after she started taking this herb daily her migraines have never come back. 

5. Butterbur – herb that can decrease the number of migraines.  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

6. Bioresonance – countless parasites, fungus, bacteria, etc. have side effects that include headaches.  Get rid of these by seeing a bioresonance practioner (improves your whole health at the same time!).  See this blog for some additional information on bioresonance.

Research these, see what might work for you, discuss with your doctor – and migraines be gone!