I've recently come across several ways to deal with Migraines and wanted to share them.  Here they are in no specific order:

1. Acupuncture – helps prevent migraines as well or better than medication (per a review of 22 studies).  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

2. Biofeedback – reduces frequency of migraines (per a review of 94 studies).  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

3. Potatoes – yes, a potato. Stops/lessens the migraine. Peel and cut one in half cover it all with water in a sealed container, let sit for 3 days in the refrigerator, remove potato and water can last up to two weeks stored in the refrigerator.  Drink the water at the earliest on-set of a migraine.    Source: A professor at my adult education class and supported by a student in the class.

4. Feverfew – friend of my Mother's was already doing acupuncture but insists after she started taking this herb daily her migraines have never come back. 

5. Butterbur – herb that can decrease the number of migraines.  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

6. Bioresonance – countless parasites, fungus, bacteria, etc. have side effects that include headaches.  Get rid of these by seeing a bioresonance practioner (improves your whole health at the same time!).  See this blog for some additional information on bioresonance.

Research these, see what might work for you, discuss with your doctor – and migraines be gone!