I've recently come across several ways to deal with Migraines and wanted to share them.  Here they are in no specific order:

1. Acupuncture – helps prevent migraines as well or better than medication (per a review of 22 studies).  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

2. Biofeedback – reduces frequency of migraines (per a review of 94 studies).  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

3. Potatoes – yes, a potato. Stops/lessens the migraine. Peel and cut one in half cover it all with water in a sealed container, let sit for 3 days in the refrigerator, remove potato and water can last up to two weeks stored in the refrigerator.  Drink the water at the earliest on-set of a migraine.    Source: A professor at my adult education class and supported by a student in the class.

4. Feverfew – friend of my Mother's was already doing acupuncture but insists after she started taking this herb daily her migraines have never come back. 

5. Butterbur – herb that can decrease the number of migraines.  Source: Prevention Magazine, Jan 2010, pg. 25.

6. Bioresonance – countless parasites, fungus, bacteria, etc. have side effects that include headaches.  Get rid of these by seeing a bioresonance practioner (improves your whole health at the same time!).  See this blog for some additional information on bioresonance.

Research these, see what might work for you, discuss with your doctor – and migraines be gone!

My Story – Just the Facts

Here is a super-quick summary of what has gone on with me the past 2.5 years.  For more details please see My Story – The Longer Version.

First of all I should tell you that I 'never get sick'.  Yes the occasional cold or flu but nothing serious (just some ear infections when I was a toddler).  My parents and my maternal grandparents don't really get sick either.  Also, I love sports and have played them my whole life and continue to exercise when I'm not playing on a team.  I eat healthy compared to lots of people I know; including I started eating a big salad once a day (back in college) because I felt that would be better for me/my health.  However, until this disaster I had no real idea about any alternative medicines (since I don't get sick I didn't really know about western medicine either!).  On with the story . . .

VERTIGO hits me two weeks after giving birth to my 3rd child; November 9, 2007.  2 different MD's have me cover it up with Meclizine (found in BonineTM and other products); doesn't really work and I develop lots of other symptoms so:

Round 1 of Anti-biotics works on lots of the symptoms for about 10 weeks.  Then my crazy symptoms all come back; every time something moves in my intestines I get dizzy, I can't bend
over without getting dizzy, my blood pressure is off when I swoop down
low and then get up and lots of other crazy symptoms (see Candida tab for more info. on that).

Round 2 of Anti-biotics works on most symptoms but the dizzy-ness keeps creeping in on me so:

I start Sudafed 24-7; stops the dizzy feeling but I start to get IBS symptoms (ie. constipation then diarrhea
alternating), an anal fissure, and having a BM gets quite pain full.  BUT I can't be off
the Sudafed for more than 3 days without getting dizzy again.

Round 3 of Crazy Symptoms returning but I don't want anti-biotics.  I've had it with my MD not addressing my crazy symptoms and everyone else blaming it on recovery from having a baby!  I start researching what's wrong with me; it looks to me like I have either candida or gluten intolerance.  And I know I need more blood cells to fight infections, since your count is lower after having a baby. 

April 2008 – I start Acupuncture and I am still going to this day. This is the start of getting better.

May 2008 -I visit a Nutritionist to try to get at my digestive troubles.  He has a Bio-resonance machine – I research it and am flabbergasted by what it does.  I'm 90% certain I have candida.  I start the strictest form of the Candida Diet and other diet restrictions (see Candida – What DO you eat?).  And then I try to start killing the Yeast with Grapefruit seed extract.

July 2008 – I find an NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) – I have a rash on my chest and uppper back so bad it's scary (die-off effect from killing the yeast).  Especially scary while breast feeding my new born baby!  I do the Standard Process Cleanse and use Coconut Oil topically.  It works for the rash!

August 2008 – I visit 2 Chiropractors as it feels like something on the left side of my neck is blocking my Chi/blood flow at Acupuncture.  My top 2 vertebra are out of alignment.  It helps with Acupuncture.

March 2009 – I visit an Iridologist.  Worth it for the perspective it brings and the insight into my condition.

April 2009 – I find a new ND with a Bio-resonance MachineI start the REAL road to recovery.

January 2010 – I start this Blog.  I'm still seeing the ND with the Bio-resonance and I'm almost rid of the Candida.  You are all up to date.  Please read on in My Story for lots of important details.