My Story – Just the Facts

Here is a super-quick summary of what has gone on with me the past 2.5 years.  For more details please see My Story – The Longer Version.

First of all I should tell you that I 'never get sick'.  Yes the occasional cold or flu but nothing serious (just some ear infections when I was a toddler).  My parents and my maternal grandparents don't really get sick either.  Also, I love sports and have played them my whole life and continue to exercise when I'm not playing on a team.  I eat healthy compared to lots of people I know; including I started eating a big salad once a day (back in college) because I felt that would be better for me/my health.  However, until this disaster I had no real idea about any alternative medicines (since I don't get sick I didn't really know about western medicine either!).  On with the story . . .

VERTIGO hits me two weeks after giving birth to my 3rd child; November 9, 2007.  2 different MD's have me cover it up with Meclizine (found in BonineTM and other products); doesn't really work and I develop lots of other symptoms so:

Round 1 of Anti-biotics works on lots of the symptoms for about 10 weeks.  Then my crazy symptoms all come back; every time something moves in my intestines I get dizzy, I can't bend
over without getting dizzy, my blood pressure is off when I swoop down
low and then get up and lots of other crazy symptoms (see Candida tab for more info. on that).

Round 2 of Anti-biotics works on most symptoms but the dizzy-ness keeps creeping in on me so:

I start Sudafed 24-7; stops the dizzy feeling but I start to get IBS symptoms (ie. constipation then diarrhea
alternating), an anal fissure, and having a BM gets quite pain full.  BUT I can't be off
the Sudafed for more than 3 days without getting dizzy again.

Round 3 of Crazy Symptoms returning but I don't want anti-biotics.  I've had it with my MD not addressing my crazy symptoms and everyone else blaming it on recovery from having a baby!  I start researching what's wrong with me; it looks to me like I have either candida or gluten intolerance.  And I know I need more blood cells to fight infections, since your count is lower after having a baby. 

April 2008 – I start Acupuncture and I am still going to this day. This is the start of getting better.

May 2008 -I visit a Nutritionist to try to get at my digestive troubles.  He has a Bio-resonance machine – I research it and am flabbergasted by what it does.  I'm 90% certain I have candida.  I start the strictest form of the Candida Diet and other diet restrictions (see Candida – What DO you eat?).  And then I try to start killing the Yeast with Grapefruit seed extract.

July 2008 – I find an NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) – I have a rash on my chest and uppper back so bad it's scary (die-off effect from killing the yeast).  Especially scary while breast feeding my new born baby!  I do the Standard Process Cleanse and use Coconut Oil topically.  It works for the rash!

August 2008 – I visit 2 Chiropractors as it feels like something on the left side of my neck is blocking my Chi/blood flow at Acupuncture.  My top 2 vertebra are out of alignment.  It helps with Acupuncture.

March 2009 – I visit an Iridologist.  Worth it for the perspective it brings and the insight into my condition.

April 2009 – I find a new ND with a Bio-resonance MachineI start the REAL road to recovery.

January 2010 – I start this Blog.  I'm still seeing the ND with the Bio-resonance and I'm almost rid of the Candida.  You are all up to date.  Please read on in My Story for lots of important details.