Bio-resonance – History

One of the first 'Bio-resonance' machines was created in the 1950's by German Engineers who heard about what the Chinese were doing with Acupuncture points.  Acupuncture is based on stimulating or opening the body's energy points.  The smart German engineers said 'Where there is energy it can be measured'.  And they set about creating a machine to measure these supposed energy points on the body.  They were successful and found that acupuncture points have several times more electrical activity than a point on the skin only a fraction of an inch away.

Today the machines have evolved and many companies make their own versions for different purposes from stimulating the acupuncture points (electronic acupuncture) to using the device for overall health screenings (bio-resonance testing, electronic homeopathy).  It is the use of bio-resonance to improve a person's health that intrigues me.